This waiver is available from DMV. I need some answers pls. As far as drivers, all you need is the federal forms for out of state drivers and dl51 for all california. Brett Any injury or illness that takes you away from behind the wheel requires that you have a new DOT medical examination and medical card. Comments and Questions Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A State variance would exempt a driver from the federal physical standards.

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Your california license went dead in the water at midnight of your medical card expiration. Do to bad luck, timing and just plain life.

Is this true and how do I know if it was actually done? Is it too late to submit it to the DMV or do I need to pay for another exam? So you need to take your long form and your medical certificate to reporr drivers license department to be placed on your license.

How do I get the DL form then?

Medical Examination Report (MER) Form, MCSA | Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Now trying to get a license from the state now living in,told CA. Jose Not real sure. Since start on new year a form bounced asking for medical examiners certificate. So does that mean I still need to get a dot medical card dmv medical examination report for commercial when not driving a CMV?


California DLD should dmv medical examination report for commercial able to help you the best. Vision; Hearing; Fr Diabetes; or Loss or impairment of limbs arms, hands, fingers, legs or feet. Ccommercial Parking Nearby C-DAT can accommodate a wide variety of needs including Diver Physicals, Pre-Employment Physical Examination History, physical examination and evaluation to determine if applicant is physically qualified to perform the required job duties.

Has this happened to anyone else out there when they examine their new license? Make an appointment online. You are a CA employee of a CA employer. Why is this happening? Do I mark non expected interstate or non expected intrastate?

It comes from the doctors office, no place else. You can get DOT medical certification at 18 years old for commercial driving. My previous dot card was good until June 13 of this year.

Take a picture of your medical card when you get it and leave it on your phone.

DOT Medical Exam – Bay Area – Solano – Vallejo – Ca

DLD and see what they say. Some medical conditions may require you to have a commerfial exam more often and others may disqualify you from driving a commercial motor vehicle.

Please see a qualified medical provider if you have any concerns about your state of health. These drivers must submit to DMV a California medical examination report DL dmv medical examination report for commercial to be considered for the intrastate restricted medical certificate.


If you djv meet the federal medical qualifications for commercial motor vehicle operation, you may qualify for an Oregon Waiver of Physical Disqualification.

DOT Medical Exam

My company is assisting a City employee in California who was denied his Class B CDL renewal due to being an insulin dependent diabetic. A copy will do, period, so ask for a supervisor if they give you a hard time. Do you need a different type of Physical Exam?

This would be in California. After 5 years from the date of surgery you will need a yearly exercise stress test.

CDL/CLP Medical Examination & Physical Qualifications

I was hired in Nov of by my current company. You best take your new medical card information into Edamination as soon as possible. Hi im in California, I applied for a new job and they sent me to have a drug test, and new medical certification.