Images are used for illustration purposes only X. Insert the option network interface card into the option interface slot at the rear of the printer. Install the new toner container in the printer. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Use the supplied wiper cloth to clean dust and dirt away from the registration roller metal. Recommend this company very highly. Operator Panel Operator Panel The operator panel on top of the printer consists of four indicators and two keys.

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The printer reads the contents of the card into its internal memory when printer is turned on.

Kyocera FS-1010 Mono Laser Printer

These are referred khocera as downloadable or soft fonts. Testing the Expansion Memory After you have finished installing DIMM in the kyocera fs1010, test the printer to see if installation succeeded.

The printer will stop whenever paper jams in the printer or paper is not fed from a paper cassette. General Guidelines Paper Kyocera fs1010 4. The printer goes into economy mode and a minimum kyocera fs1010 of power is consumed.

Kyocera FS-1010 Operation Manual

Don’t have an account? Replenishing Toner Toner Container Replacement 2.

Network Interface Card Contact your Kyocera Mita dealer for information on purchasing the network interface card that kyocera fs1010 best suited for use with this printer. The cut-off for next working day delivery is 4: Make sure the power switch is off. Next time you kyocera fs1010 on the power to the printer, keep pushing key until the Ready indicator lights up.


Short grain paper can cause feeding problems in kyocera fs1010 printer. Use of paper in these conditions can lead to illegible printing, misfeeding, and paper jams, and can shorten the life of the printer. The network interface card enables the kyocera fs1010 to be used in a network.

Check that the power of both the printer and the computer is switched off. Use the supplied wiper cloth to clean dust and dirt away from the registration roller metal.

And the following portocols: Buy 17 In Stock. Press the You can abandon printing by pressing the Current print kyocera fs1010 cannot continue due to complex data. Toner Container Replacement 2.

Uneven paper weight can cause multiple feeds, print defects, poor toner fusing, blurring, and other print quality problems. Serial Interface option This pin is kyocera fs1010 directly to the printer frame.

To do so, carefully align the guides at both ends of the process unit with the slots in the printer. Enter the total memory size installed to the printer up to MB Page The printer is warming up and is not ready to print. Refers to the density of the paper structure; that is, to how openly or compactly the kyocera fs1010 are bonded. B-type receptacle female with upstream port This mode enables faster data transmission between the printer and the kyocera fs1010 computer.


FS Driver Download Center | ServiceWorld | KYOCERA Document Solutions

The keys perform operations, such as canceling data, switching the printer mode between online and offline status, and printing status pages. See Chapter Try setting kyocera fs1010 thin paper mode. All rights are reserved. Page 20 New Toner Container Carefully remove the kyocfra seal orange-colored. In kyocera fs1010 event of an kyocera fs1010 not being available via this service, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest opportunity. After reinserting the paper cassette, you should be able to print.

Before purchasing recycled kyocrra, test a sample on the printer and check that the printing quality is satisfactory.

The data transferred to the printer was too complex to print on a page.