A tough metallic coating and slightly rubberized underside make the phone quite manageable, though the slimness means getting it to open up with one hand can be challenging. It is the successor to the popular Razr series. Advanced music and imaging capabilities, USB 2. Perhaps the biggest change is that the unsightly bump on the bottom of the keyboard on the RAZR has been trimmed down to almost nothing. This phone is better than any smart phone.

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When I would have the phone in my purse, the buttons on the phone would hit the sides of the purse and then the battery would drain. The phone supports text input via iTAP, which is essentially a T9 clone.

As such, there are slight variations of the phone depending motorola razr2 v9m which carrier sells the phone. Some slick features motorola razr2 v9m video ringtones, Bluetooth photo transfers for printing, and Sprint TV, motoro,a has video quality which is more than passable if you can deal with the occasional distortion.

Motorola RAZR2 v9m Repair – iFixit

Of course, mine is flashed with native Motorola firmware and I must say this motorola razr2 v9m debunks the comment above mine, it was just a case of V9k crippling. The phone feels solid and well made which isn’t something we said about 1st generation Motorola razr2 v9m phones. I had the qwerty keyboard, touch screen and switched back to this model.


You can play music motorola razr2 v9m the Moto’s speaker, or you can listen over an A2DP-compatible Bluetooth headset, but if you want to use a wired headset, you will have to use a proprietary Motorola headset or adaptor.

Technology – There are raz2 main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Fortunately, the RAZR2 does still have the ability to receive phone calls when you are using a different program on the phone. Its the old motorola razr2 v9m razor but motorla.

If you are interested in motorola razr2 v9m our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. The speaker is clear motorola razr2 v9m gets loud enough for use in almost all circumstances. In addition to the music player, SprintTV, Sprint Music Store, Sprint Radio, standard messaging programs, and the web browser, the RAZR2 includes a calendar, address book capable of storing 1, contacts, alarm clock, stopwatch, as well as calculators for converting units and currencies and for determining an appropriate tip, along with a general-purpose calculator.

CellularCricketAlltel. I lucked out and I went ahread and bought it, and I am very motorola razr2 v9m. Max photo resolution x The original RAZR line helped Motorola razr2 v9m maintain second place in global cell phone sales between and The standard battery is a little weak and I will get the extended life battery but I will use this till it starts to run down really fast. Numeric keypad, Soft keys. I purchased a replacement from ebay, paid way to much money for a replacement Motorazr2 BUT it was well worth getting my old phone model back since I truly motorola razr2 v9m the thin line.


To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here.

The keypad is still the same flat style, but buttons are generously motorola razr2 v9m and there is no clutter there. There’s nothing high-tech about it, quite the opposite actually! Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. Motorola Consumer Cellular Smartphones Black.

Motorola RAZR2 V9m Review

While most of these marked small changes regarding the color or the jotorola, recently there was finally some big news- the RAZR2. Exposure was generally motorola razr2 v9m and indoor noise is accepible for the class.

MotoMagx ‘s user interface was motorola razr2 v9m customizable and user-friendly than Motorola’s past offers. Retrieved from ” https: It has MB on board memory, but a 2 GB on board memory version was also released.

Motorola RAZR2 V9m Review

The processor speed was doubled compared to the V9mand featured Motorola’s Crystaltalk. Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

Advanced music and imaging capabilities, USB 2. Tested talk time was closer to 5 hours, which is strong for a phone as slim as this one.