Unrated Ars Praefectus Registered: Never missed a beat. Just thought I would point it out. As for typical battery life, it depends on the age of the battery and how well it has been taken care of. It’ll be nice to have this feature back with the 2.

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Like configuring a nifty little script called tp-scroll to enable vertical scrolling when holding down mouse thinkpad t22 video three. Tue Jul 27, 5: Again, thinkpad t22 video for the good info, particularly on battery life. I purchased a new battery for it 2 years ago I’ve gideo the laptop for 3 years and I’ve done my best to take better care of it.

Tell me about the IBM Thinkpad T22

There are pieces of software that read this info back to you, although I’m not familiar with any specific examples. I haven’t really had the time to play with this yet.

I’m actually a former pismo powerbook owner, and that kind of turned into a fiasco, thinkpad t22 video life, developed a bad logic board ‘in transit’ when I sold it so i’m kind of skittish about getting a decent machine. Feb 19, Posts: You are my hero. I can take it anywhere if there is a need to as it really is quite svelte considering it is a previous generation.

The T2x series thinkpad t22 video bideo great linux machines.


I’m considering a thinkpad T22 that i’ve got my eye on, and my google-fu is mostly feeding me back crappy cnet style reviews.

The lack of vertical thinkpad t22 video was probably the single most annoying thing switching from windows to linux.

Tell me about the IBM Thinkpad T22 – Ars Technica OpenForum

The notebook thinkpad t22 video very durable, I can pick it up by the thinkpad t22 video of the screen without any warping or distortion of the picture.

My experiance is more or less similiar to toth’s. After installation, left-click on the charge percentage bar and videk “Battery Viddo from the menu. It’s minor on most mine does have a crack, but it’s a hairline fracture and hardly noticeable while other times it can get quite large. Unrated Ars Praefectus Registered: Well, I have a ThinkPad T23, which is fairly similar.

However, I’ve never heard of anybody having a problem because of the crack; it just looks bad. As for typical battery life, it depends on the age of thhinkpad battery and viedo well it has been taken care of. Apr 5, Posts: Aside from cycle count, you can also see the current full charge capacity in Wh the capacity of thinkpad t22 video battery last time it was fully charged.

Originally posted by Skics: It’s wonderfull being able to bring you laptop over to your friends for videl quick match of Alien versus Predator or Action Quake II Another testimony for the durability of the T2x notebooks. It’s been exposed to frost, rain, heat Cambodia and more sand and dirt than I care to think of.


All in all, it’s a nice, solidly built laptop. After one year of use, it would only last 30 minutes on a thinkpad t22 video charge 5 minutes if it was doing anything at all above web surfing.

thinkpad t22 video The only thing I haven’t really tried out in Linux is wireless networking, as there is no wireless nic in my T Though turning them off vifeo makes it a little more snappy. I’d like to hear from current or past owners about things like typical battery life, performance of thinkpad t22 video most likely crap video card, screen quality, etc. I recall that most newer batteries have a micro on them to more intelligently monitor and report levels. Just thought I would point it out.

Don’t expect ANY 3-D performance out of this thing at all. I got around 2hrs give or take 20 minutes.

Brand new, when running on Max Battery Life processor turned down, screen brightness turned down, etc.