After this, the software carries out a fully automated process making adjustments at the graphics card LUT level and creating an ICC profile. After the calibration has completed the software automatically enters into the validation process assuming you didn’t disable it. It is a plastic bracket with a rubber cable connected at the one end, and at the other end of this is a pretty heavy counter-weight. Skip to main content. Here you can define your target settings for the calibration.

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i1Basic Pro

We hope that the following review and article is useful for those wanting to get more from their screen and wanting to understand the topic in some more detail. At the time, the software was up to v 3. A settings screen allows you to configure your calibration targets. The arrow buttons on the right hand edge control the process, moving you on to the next section once you have choosen the relevant options. You Might Also Like.

Macintosh MacOS X It is a plastic bracket with a rubber cable x rite i1 pro at the one end, and at the other end of this is a pretty heavy counter-weight. This is because the brightness control on the monitor was not adjusted during this particular run-through. Limited reporting x rite i1 pro from current i1 Match software.

Their website says the prl about this package: We have tested the device with monitors here of course and peo found the results very pleasing. As we stated earlier, there will be a new i1 Pro software package released soon which we will also be x rite i1 pro.


We hooked up the i1 Pro device again and loaded up LaCie’s software v 4. Loading up the software presents you with the above screen. This i1 Basic package is just a trimmed down version of the Xtreme package we have with us at the moment.

i1Pro 2 Solutions – The new standard for Color Perfectionists.

The validation takes about 32 seconds to complete using the i1 Pro. Global Gateway Please select po desired language. X-Rite Device Services v3. With 76 steps of measurement for highest accuracy this takes quite a long time to complete and lasts about 5 mins 10 seconds.

Unit has wear from previous use including scuffs and scratches. It was all very easy to follow and the on screen guidance is decent and easy to understand. There are two calibration methods available, those being ‘easy’ and x rite i1 pro.

With the i1Basic Pro 2, you can quickly and easily create custom monitor and projector profiles that ensure the colors you view are x rite i1 pro, verify soft proofs and print quality with built-in Quality Assurance QA tools, and easily capture and manage spot colors.

For the purposes of monitor reviewing we tend to us the LaCie package since it’s ‘test and report’ feature is very useful, easy to follow and produces some pleasing graphical reports.


When do you plan x rite i1 pro purchase? A free day trial license for a fully functional version is even available from their website. With i1XTreme you’ll have complete color control at your fingertips.

Its accuracy depends only on the bandwidth, sensitivity, and resolution of the device. The i1 X rite i1 pro alone is therefore not the perfect choice for gamma and contrast measurements that will generally require readings below the i1 Pro’s effective operating range, but it can easily be paired with a decent colorimeter to provide these measurements.

Scanning ruler and backup board. LaCie Blue Eye Pro.

With the introduction of the x rite i1 pro i1Pro 2 device and the latest i1Profiler software, we have raised the bar higher than its ever been to deliver the most comprehensive, versatile and accurate color measurement, calibration and profiling solutions available. You are asked to save the ICC profile you have just created and you x rite i1 pro set a reminder to repeat this process at a given interval if you wish.

The monitors brightness z should be used to reach the desired luminance as this is normally a direct control over the backlight intensity. Yes No Unsure Is funding allocated for product purchase?